Research Fees Guide 2015

Genealogical research requests for an individual soldiers (1914-45)     –     £60-£90

The above fee guide reflects the often complicated nature of researching German military history, varying according to the complexity of the task requested. A firm quote – rarely exceeding £90, along with information about the expected outcome of the research, will be given once the research requirements are known and the client has provided details of any information they already have.

Daily rate (8 hours)     –     £230

For more time consuming projects that involve complex archival research, translation or transcription.
Fees will cover any charges made by institutions for the reproduction of documents, etc.

A research task will occasionally involve a journey to retrieve information from an archive or library. In this case a Travel Charge of £0.35 per km will be added to the research fee. Any additional unforeseen charges will be discussed with the client before the work is carried out.


Please do contact me for a no obligation quote if you have a project that you think I might be able to help you with.