Taking the camera to Stalingrad – German documentary

Just a quick post. This documentary was produced in 2009 using film material found in the cellar of a house in germany in 2008. It was filmed by a soldier of the 29. Infanterie-Division from 1941 to 1942 (up to the early stages of the Battle of Stalingrad).  The scenes shown are very different to the ones filmed by the Propaganda companies.

The interesting thing about it is that the comments are spoken by nine former soldiers of the 29. Infanterie-Division. The veterans were actually shown these films for the first time and were allowed to comment as they wished. 70 years after the event they still begin to cry when talking about the comrades they lost and the horrors they witnessed. Just have look at and listen to the last 5 minutes…the veteran seems to have a complete breakdown when shown images of the grain silo in Stalingrad.

To me it is one of the best WW2 documentaries there is.

If you understand german you should love this documentary, if not you should at least enjoy the film material.

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