World War One – Then and now, British POWs in Moorsele, Wevelgem – Belgium 1917

The pair of photographs you see below was taken in Moorsele, Belgium (today a part of Wevelgem) in 1917. I at once fell in love with these two shots as the  quality of the images and their setting is wonderful. The Prisoners look relaxed and on the second photograph many of them are smiling aswell. BritishPOWs2 British POWs1

The villa was used as Divisional HQ for the german 34th Infantry Division in August 1917. Thanks to some detective work of my dutch friend Alex Tijhuis, who was able to pinpoint the location of the house, I was able to play around a little and even if its not as professional as the works of some photographic artists out there I am quite proud of it:

Sint-Maartensplein 1917-today

Perspective of the WW1 photo is not 100% identical to the modern photo, still quite ok I think – Click to enlarge

If any of my readers live in the area I would be grateful for some more photographs of the house so I can do another version with a better resolution.

3 thoughts on “World War One – Then and now, British POWs in Moorsele, Wevelgem – Belgium 1917

  1. Hello, nice work with the photographs! In my spare time i love to visit places connected with WW1 and WW2. I live in Moorsele (not so far from Ypres) so many things to see over here. My place is only 1 km from the building on the picture, in fact, my wife is working in the building next to it (an eldery home). Maybe it will interest you what the building is used for now? Well, it is called sTimul, a project where students in the care sector need to ‘play role games’, meaning that a group is split in two, and one half needs to think, act, live like a patient or eldery, also sleep over, etc.

    I will try to take some photo’s as soon as possible for you, and in a good perspective like the old pictures.

    All the best,

  2. Just letting you know i haven’t forgotten to take some photo’s, but the weather was terrible the past few weeks… as soon as weather permits, i take some good pictures for you. All the best, Mikey

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